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Custom Skimmer Lids

Customized Skimmer Lid

Customized Skimmer Lid

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Gone are the days of the standard, one-size-fits-all skimmer lids. Dive into a new era of pool customization with our tailor-made skimmer lids, designed to seamlessly blend with your pool's aesthetic.


  1. Standard Fit: Suitable for most standard skimmer openings
  2. Anti-Slip Surface: Textured finish to ensure safety even when wet.
  3. Unlimited Possibilities: Can be made with any design, logo, or favorite team.
  4. Quick Installation: Hassle-free setup in minutes, no professional help required.

Customize and Beautify Your Pool Today!

Please upload your design for your customized skimmer lid.  Once uploaded, we will reach out to you via email used in the order confirmation if there are any issues with the file.   

    Please note: Your are responsible for securing the rights for each design submitted.

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